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Letter from LHC President

07/08/2015, 8:00am CDT
By Admin


Dear LEAFS Members:

As you all know, the Leafs Ice Centre (LHC, LLC) in close consultation with the Leafs Hockey Club has been moving through the phases, and negotiations, of restructuring its debt to emerge from bankruptcy. As we enter the final phase of this process, the Leafs Hockey Club has filed for Chapter 11 protection as of 7/7/15.

This is largely a procedural matter that will allow for a clear separation of the Club’s ownership interests and LHC. LLC’s management interests in the Leafs Ice Centre. Doing so offers the Club the maximum protection available as we work to complete the restructuring of the Leafs Ice Centre business. As I stated above, this is a procedural move, not a financial one. From a Member point of view you should expect business as usual, just as it has been through this entire process.

Thank you once again for your patience and look forward to another great Fall season at Leafs Hockey Club.

Jeff Cesarone

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