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    2014/2015 Fall Registration

    Registration for Junior LEAFS is still open!!

    The program begins the 23rd with times as follows.

    Tuesdays at 5 PM and Sundays at 8 AM.   


    Note:  Times/Dates subject to change due to black out dates at the Leafs Ice Centre.



    All returning players should check to make sure that their jerseys still fit and will continue to fit throughout the entire season. Sample jerseys are available at Jerry's for sizing. Remember to have your player wear their equipment when sizing jerseys.
    Girls who were previously rostered on a girls-only team will need to get a black jersey. Contact Laurie Diasio at uniforms@leafshockeyclub for details.
    All new players must order jerseys. We do not accept number requests. Numbers will be assigned based on birth year and availability. 
    This will be the final jersey order for the season and ALL orders must be received by September 14th, NO EXCEPTIONS.  
    All players are required to have a set of game jerseys, game socks and a shell. Game socks and shells can be purchased at Jerry's later this month. We will send an email out with more specific dates once they are available. Warm-up jackets and pants can be purchased through Jerry's website until September 10.
    Laurie Diasio
    Uniform Coordinator
    LEAFS Hockey Club

    Leafs Hockey Club Financial Hardship Program

    The Leafs Hockey Club is committed to providing memberships to all families who wish to participate in our hockey programs. Our Financial Hardship Program is intended to provide a reduced fee to families who otherwise would not be able to participate in our hockey programs due to financial constraints. Eligibility is limited to members who submit a timely request for a waiver of fees and meet our assistance guidelines.


    Click here to view schedules.  Please note these schedules are subject to change.

    2014/15 Fall Coaching Slate

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      For questions about coaching, teams or player development opportunities for your child, contact VP Hockey Operations: Butch Treiber

      Girls Program: Brad Bialas

      Any questions about registration - contact Kari Michalek  Registrar.

      For all other questions about the Leafs Hockey Club contact Jeff Cesarone:  Member Relations.


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