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Hockey Seasons

Leafs Hockey Club offers programs for Fall/Winter, Spring and Summer.  The Fall is the primary season.  The Spring is designed to increase development, ease new players into the travel hockey program or transition players to the next age classification and still allow time for them to participate in other sports.  Summer is when players make the greatest gains in terms of skill, speed and strength development




Leafs Hockey Program Overview

The LEAFS Hockey Club is pleased to offer a wide array of hockey development and team play program options for both new and more experienced players of all age levels.


House Hockey Program

ADM Program:

The ADM Program was developed by USA Hockey, and offered to Mite through Bantam aged players who are looking for highly focused skills training. The emphasis of this program is to teach the fundamentals of hockey the right way—in a practice setting where the correct practice to game ratio will enhance skating, passing, stick handling, shooting and rule/team play skills. These players will see great improvement in their abilities over the course of the season—providing a great foundation and preparation for travel hockey.
Travel Hockey Programs
The LEAFS travel hockey programs are designed for players who want to make a serious commitment to the game of hockey and are placed in a league based on their level of play. The LEAFS field teams in the North West (NWHL), Northern Illinois (NIHL), and Central States (CSDHL) hockey leagues. Players must try out and have their skills evaluated to determine league and team placement. It is not uncommon for a player to participate in different leagues from season to season over the course of their youth hockey experience.
B-Level Travel (NWHL):

The LEAFS are fielding NWHL teams at the Mite and Squirt level. NWHL is an equal playing time and balanced talent level league, which helps ensure player development. A pre-season tiering round keeps teams competitive and playing like talent from other Clubs. These teams will play other NWHL teams across the Chicago-land area, and will participate in tournaments at the B- Level.

Travel (NIHL):

The LEAFS are fielding NIHL teams at the Mite through Midget level. NIHL uses a metallic level to determine what level the teams will play at, along with a pre-season tiering round—these help ensure a competitive season. These teams will play other NIHL teams across Illinois, and will participate in tournament at AA-B levels depending on the team record.

Central States (CSDHL):

The LEAFS are fielding CSDHL teams at the Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget Major and Midget Minor levels. CSDHL is an elite travel league that will play other CSDHL teams across the mid-west, and will participate in tournament at AAA-AA levels depending on their competiveness and team record.

How many games should I anticipate in Fall?

Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois, Inc (AHAI) controls the policy on game limits.  It is based on the USA hockey age divisions.  Game limits include all league, tournament and practice games.  All tournaments count as 3 games toward the teams game limit.  Playoff games do not count toward game limits. 


Mites = 35 games

Squirts = 40 games

Pee Wee =45 games

Bantam = 50 games

Midget = 60 games



What program is right for my player?


Kids develop and mature at different rates. We offer these guidelines to help assist you in making your spring program decision. All players are welcome to try out for any program outside of this suggested guideline below.

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