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Website Assistance

The Member Guide can help you manage your account on the LEAFS Hockey Club website:


  -  Username or Password Reset
  -  Registration & Payments
  -  Change/Add Email
  -  Multi-site/Team Access

Manage Your NGIN Account on the

LEAFS Hockey Club website.

To add email addresses to your NGIN account to receive copies of LEAFS Hockey Club emails.

1.    Log into your NGIN account on See “Login” at upper left corner of webpage. Enter Email address or Username and Password created when you registered.    

2.    Select “Profiles”

3.    Select “Linked Accounts”, bottom left column

4.    “Add” email address here. Enter the email address for the person you would like to receive copies of your messages. A confirmation will be sent to this address.  If they do not have an NGIN account, they will be invited to create one.


NOTE: An NGIN account is required. To Cc: an email address without an NGIN account, add a secondary email to your account.


Other Functions 

  • A historical record of all player registrations is kept under Registrations
  • Manage your Account Information and Contact Preferences under Account Settings. Unsubscribe from NGIN promotional mailings and old registrations here.

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