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Board of Directors


2 year terms unless partial term was served.

Jeff Cesarone


Dave Semyck

Secretary & Registrar

Tara Thomas

VP Marketing

Butch Trieber

VP Hockey Operations

Andy Zaletel

VP Finance

John Hoskins

VP Member Relations

Mike Sweitzer

VP Scheduling

RJ Grewal

Past President

Danielle Gulli

Past President

Hockey Directors

Butch Trieber

VP Hockey Operations

Matt Cohn

Midget Hockey Director

Board of Directors

2 year terms unless partial term served

Christine Karavakis

Director of Communications/Social Media

Art Devereaux

Team Manager Coordinator

Nicole Coleman

Director of Member Relations/PPH

Bob Vitner

Director of Accounts Receivable

Doreen Castaneda

Director of Accounts Payable

Kelly Kellerman

Uniform Coordinator

Julie Riemer

Spirit Wear Coordinator

Jeff Barker

Rules and Ethics

Alison Baker

Director of Compliance

Mike Marotta

Rules and Ethics Chair

Phone: 847-652-2367

Michael Rabe

Rules and Ethics

Kellie Weber

Rules and Ethics

Associate Board Members

1 year terms

Susan Pasin

Merchandise Manager

Rob Castaneda


Teri Gonzalez

Recognition Manager

Jeff Doles

Creative Marketing Manager

Open Open

Special Events Manager

Ron LeGrand

Tournament Director

Tim Hayden

Tournament Director

Brian Knight

League Rep (CSDHL)

Brian Knight

NIHL League Rep

Mike Donovan

NWHL and SWSL League Rep

Board Meetings

Public Board Meetings -- Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Associate Board, Team Managers (or representative) and any member (or invited guest) are in attendance. These meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:45PM.

Executive Committee Sessions - only the Executive Committee (and invited guests) are in attendance.  These meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month of each month at 7PM.